Shanghai to Malaysia

Three men are regarded as heroes of Chin Woo: Grandmaster Ye ShuTian, Grandmaster Ye ShuXiang and Grandmaster Ye ShuSheng.

Grandmaster Ye ShuTian was one of the first five Chin Woo masters who spread Chin Woo’s art and spirit overseas from China. He was born in Jing County of Heibei province in China. The eldest brother, Master Ye, won championships in Wushu competitions and other events ever since he was at age of eight. At the age of twenty-one, he decided to come up to Shanghai to earn a living. He soon joined Shanghai Chin Woo Athletic Association and participated in many Wushu performances throughout China for the purpose of promoting Chin Woo activities, motivating people to stay fit and healthy and enriching the Chinese culture.

In 1919, Master Ye was selected to travel to Southeast Asia as one of The Five Emissaries of Chin Woo. The five delegates were then taking up the task of formation and establishing of Chin Woo Associations in various places including teaching Wushu techniques and skills, planning, administrative of the associations overseas.

Master Ye was then officially appointed as the first instructor in Malaysia. He was greatly admired by his students because he was very dedicated in teaching Martial art. Within a short period, the activities of Chin Woo spread to Ipoh, Kampar, Penang and Singapore. Master Ye also brought in the first Northern Chinese Lion dance to Malaysia and Singapore, teaching and extending the art. His meritorious work and well-being character had impressed the young generations, and members of Chin Woo as he kept on making contributions to the development of Chin Woo activities.

Master Ye ShuTian invited his brother, Master Ye ShuXiang to join him in Malaysia to take over his responsibility in Selangor Chin Woo while he was touring other places. Master Ye ShuXiang taught classes for the Chin Woo school for over ten years. During the period of his teaching, people of many talents came forth in large numbers to learn the Chin Woo system. Like his elder brother, Master Ye ShuXiang also made many achievements for Chin Woo. Unfortunately, Master Ye ShuTian fell ill and passed away during World War 2. Master Ye ShuXian then passed away in 1950. Their deaths were a great loss for Chin Woo.

After their deaths, their youngest brother, Master Ye ShuSheng, the teacher of the Kuala Lumpur Confucius School, started to teach classes at the Chin Woo school. Master Ye ShuSheng had been taught kungfu directly by his two brothers. Chin Woo rapidly progressed and Master Ye ShuSheng persisted in his efforts to promote Chin Woo.

The three Ye brothers devoted themselves to Chin Woo for their entire lives and has accomplished a great deal. It is without a doubt that they are regarded as the “Three Great Heroes of Chin Woo.”